Dan Donovan, Mesmerise Group, CTO

We are in the midst of a pivotal time in technological evolution, where the rise of large language models is sparking both enthusiasm and concern globally. Dan Donovan,  CTO of Mesmerise Group, has weighed in on this significant development in an article featured on AIThority.

In the article, Donovan navigates the spectrum of reactions to the emergence of these groundbreaking AI technologies, from unbridled optimism about the potential productivity leaps to worries of a dystopian future governed by artificial intelligence.

But Donovan proposes a different, more balanced approach. He advocates for adapting swiftly to the burgeoning pace of AI innovation, harnessing the immense opportunities it presents, while simultaneously preparing the workforce and society for the transformations that are on the horizon.

He aptly notes that this isn’t the first time technology has disrupted various sectors simultaneously. By learning from the past, we can create strategies to effectively integrate these advancements into our daily lives without succumbing to extreme fear or excitement.

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