Inspiring young minds with our VR headset donations
Students at Holy Cross Primary School using VR headsets

We know that education is the cornerstone of progress. As part of our corporate social responsibility initiative, we have teamed up with Magic Breakfast to make a meaningful impact on local education. We proudly announce our donation of 33 cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) headsets to three primary schools in the Greater Manchester area, including Holycross Primary School in Stockport.

By embracing virtual reality technology, we aim to revolutionize the learning experience for these schools and their students. Through immersive and interactive environments, students can embark on thrilling educational journeys that bring complex concepts to life in unforgettable ways. Subjects that may have once seemed daunting can now be approached with excitement, making education an adventure of exploration.

We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without the support of our incredible community and partners like Magic Breakfast. Our commitment to education and community engagement remains steadfast, and we look forward to more collaborative initiatives that will continue making a positive impact.