As we welcome Danny to Mesmerise, we’re catching up with him to learn more about his new role—and find out what’s next for the Go-to-Market team.

What are the priorities for the Go-to-Market Team in 2023?

With a newly established GTM team, we are hyper focused on two main areas:

  1. Increasing our brand presence in conjunction with marketing
  2. Hitting our substantial revenue goals for the year

The GTM team will be implementing a new strategy combining outreach and positioning, and utilizing partner channels for lead generation and presence building. It’s an exciting time to be looking to monetize not only the current solutions, but also the future vision of where Mesmerise will be in two-to-five years—and the products, tools, and capabilities we will deliver in the future.

We are selling the art of the possible to a nearly blank slate which involves education and guidance and is incredibly exciting.

What are the challenges you foresee?

It’s early days, but we do face some challenges on the road ahead. We aren’t the only company in this space, and it’s evolving very rapidly. The ability to differentiate ourselves is going to be critically important as our prospects consider partners for their metaverse entrances and realizations. Our lead generation activities also need to be ramped up, and so targeting the right personas in the right industries, and having a consistent message and positioning, will be key to our success.

What’s next for your team?

The team is on an educational journey, and we are working hard to stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry as well as what our clients and prospects are asking for. Our focus for 2023 is delivering our digital headquarters, and at the same time instilling engagement on the art of the possible and our efforts to provide a Platform as a Product. This platform will give customers the opportunity to develop and customize to their individual requirements, and so selling them on the concept of Mesmerise for the future is an important aspect for the GTM team.

How would you describe your initial time at Mesmerise?

I’ve been consistently impressed with the genuine effort to help each other at Mesmerise. I’ve seen team members deliver incredible experiences in a quick, efficient, and personable manner and share experiences with one another for the greater good. Of course, it helps having an incredibly experienced and established leadership team, a creative team with mesmerizing vision, and a technical and development team that can deliver optimally. I think we have a huge opportunity to make an incredible splash in the market and be seen as the partner for metaverse exploration for enterprises—and firmly cement ourselves as pioneers.

I bring a lot of lessons and experiences from the world of sport, and a prior career in international competition. High-performing teams are all about communication and accountability, and also having fun. I’m looking forward to celebrating successes with the Mesmerise team and having fun on the way. I’d also like to thank everyone for so warmly welcoming me to the company, for their generous time in getting me up to speed and answering questions and providing guidance, and for the intention to collaborate closely. It’s very much appreciated.