Marketing and Emerging Technologies with Mesmerise CMO, Leslie Marshall

In a recent LinkedIn Live session, Leslie Marshall, Chief Marketing Officer of Mesmerise Group, sat down with Allison K. Summers, former president of the AMA Group Chicago, to share her insights on her career and how she sees the future of marketing, and the significance of emerging technology in the evolving marketing landscape. 

You can watch the full LinkedIn Live session with Leslie, here.


Emerging Technology Fuels Advances in Marketing 

As a marketer, technology has always been an important part of Leslie’s career development, “What’s also fueled my career is the role of technology. Early on, if you had told me where I’d be today and having such an integral role in a technology company, I wouldn’t have believed you because I thought I was not a technologist, but the role of marketing has been so intertwined with technology,” she said. Leslie explained that using new technologies inspires her to be a better marketer because it allows her to be better and more engaged in her job; the right technology can help a marketer understand and attract the right customers and support great experiences. This interest in using emerging technologies is what drove her to her current position at the Mesmerise Group, and she sees emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and spatial computing fueling the next generation of the web. 

Human-centered Technology at Mesmerise 

Leslie explains that at Mesmerise, our philosophy behind incorporating technology into our lives, both professionally and personally, is guided by a simple principle: it should be simplified, not complicated. Leslie said that the best type of technology is a seamless extension of our daily lives, enhancing our ability to connect, communicate, and thrive, “whether it’s connecting with a colleague, enjoying entertainment, or enhancing fitness regimes, technology should be an invisible yet powerful force, making each task more efficient and enjoyable.”  

At Mesmerise, the focus is always on the end goal – what technology enables people to achieve. Be it advancing in one’s career, excelling academically, or simply becoming a better cook, the technology itself recedes into the background, leaving only the improved outcome. This is the heart of human-centered technology: creating tools that are effortlessly integrated into workflows and life processes, fostering efficiency, joy, and progress. It’s about technology that not only moves us forward but does so in a way that feels natural and intuitive, enriching our lives without overwhelming them. 

Embracing Curiosity in the New Age of Marketing Technologies 

 As the LinkedIn Live session with Leslie drew to a close, her parting message to marketers was one of empowerment and curiosity. Leslie emphasized the importance of embracing a spirit of exploration in the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing technologies. She advocates for marketers to adopt an explorer’s mindset, encouraging them to delve deep, ask probing questions, and collaboratively navigate through the intricacies of new tech. This approach of fearless curiosity and continuous inquiry, Leslie believes, is not just a tool for understanding and leveraging emerging technologies, but also a key driver for long-term success and innovation in any marketing career.