Michael "Hoff" Hoffman

In a recent edition of #theARshow podcast, Michael “Hoff” Hoffman, CEO of IQXR (a Mesmerise Group company), engaged in a forward-thinking conversation with host Jason McDowell about the role of spatial computing and artificial intelligence (AI) in business.

This insightful discussion looked into the transformative impact these technologies are having in the corporate world. Hoff and McDowell explored the potential for spatial computing and AI to revolutionize business interactions with digital data, as well as the challenges inherent in scaling such advanced solutions.

A notable part of their exchange was Hoff’s personal take on neurodivergence, adding a unique and humanizing perspective to the technology discourse. His reflections align with The Mesmerise Group’s commitment to embracing diversity and innovation in the workplace.

At The Mesmerise Group, in collaboration with IQXR, we’re dedicated to exploring new frontiers in spatial computing and AI. This podcast episode showcases our ongoing efforts to bring fresh perspectives and tangible solutions to these rapidly evolving fields.

We recommend this podcast for anyone interested in the intersection of cutting-edge technology and business strategy. It’s an engaging session filled with industry insights and thoughtful perspectives, embodying the values we hold dear at The Mesmerise Group.

Tune in to the conversation, here.

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