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As the XR space undergoes a seachange, The Mesmerise Group has hired four seasoned executives to scale its mission of unlocking the potential of immersive technologies.

LONDON (June 21, 2023) – The Mesmerise Group, the trusted guide to immersive technology, AI, and sustainability for the enterprise, today announced the hiring of four accomplished executives that will each play a critical role in the development of its immersive technology, responsible artificial intelligence, and sustainability efforts.

Michael Hoffman, Head of Platform, Michael House, Director of Engineering, and Ally Kaiser, Director of Product, Platform, have each joined The Mesmerise Group following years of collaboration at Microsoft and XR solutions agency, Object Theory. Hoffman, House and Kaiser are also co-founders of IQXR, a Mesmerise Group company focused on creating an intelligent spatial computing platform. At IQXR, they will each hold leadership roles as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Product Officer, respectively.

Platform users, such as independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs), global systems integrators (GSIs), and enterprise XR teams, will be able to effortlessly build immersive solutions, accelerating time to value (TTV) while minimizing the investment of effort and resources. As a result, IQXR customers will be empowered to concentrate on creating immersive content and experiences that hold unique value for their respective businesses.
The IQXR team will prioritize five key factors in their platform development: recognizing the significance of cross-device compatibility, adopting open standards, streamlining content creation, understanding enterprise requirements, and anticipating advancements in edge computing. This customer-centric approach ensures that the platform meets the evolving needs of users, driving long-term flexibility, device compatibility, enhanced security, and risk mitigation for enterprise customers.

“We’re very excited to welcome our new hires to the Mesmerise Group team. Their combined decades of industry expertise will be invaluable to our continued growth,” said Daglar Cizmeci, Group CEO and Co-founder of The Mesmerise Group. “The reality is there’s still a wealth of untapped possibility in the XR industry. I’m confident that Hoffman, House and Kaiser’s deep-rooted knowledge will be key in unlocking XR’s true potential in the enterprise, providing our customers with top-quality solutions.”

As Microsoft veterans, the team is equipped with integral software design and extended reality expertise, having played pivotal roles in the development of Microsoft’s award-winning MRTK tools, Microsoft Mesh and HoloLens partnerships with NASA/JPL, Trimble, and AutoDesk. Early in their tenure, they will develop and lead teams of product and platform experts to design the architecture for interoperable platform capabilities that lower the barrier to enhancing Metaverse solutions and creating experiences within any Metaverse. Their primary focus is to create end-to-end platform capabilities that enable enterprise companies to fully integrate their existing applications into XR.

Danny Haydon also joins the company as its first Head of Customer Engagement with an extensive background in sales enablement and business development at Owlin, diwo, and S&P Global Market Intelligence. Haydon, an innovator in GTM strategy, will establish a team of sales experts that will focus on the commercialization of The Mesmerise Group’s platform and services. His goal is to enhance The Mesmerise Group’s market presence while aiding enterprise organizations in establishing best-use scenarios for XR in their workforce. Haydon will also work closely with The Mesmerise Group marketing team to develop partner channels and enrich the company’s brand presence in anticipation of its expanded offerings.

As spatial computing continues to evolve, The Mesmerise Group is committed to making the Metaverse a more usable, scalable place for enterprise companies and beyond. The additions of Hoffman, House, Kaiser and Haydon will empower The Mesmerise Group to continue setting the standard for excellence in the industry.

About The Mesmerise Group
Since 2016, The Mesmerise Group has partnered with Fortune 500 companies to deliver transformative brand experiences, training sessions, and events designed to empower the enterprise. Daglar Cizmeci and Andrew Hawken founded the company with a mission to unlock the potential of immersive technologies and sustainability, and manage the opportunity and mitigate the risks of artificial intelligence (AI) – here and now – and for the future. As the trusted guide to immersive technology, AI, and sustainability for the enterprise, the company provides enterprise-grade security and solutions through risk mitigation strategies. The Mesmerise Group is based in London with U.S. headquarters in Santa Monica, California. To learn more about The Mesmerise Group, visit

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