Resonance Labs

Resonance Labs, a Mesmerise Group company, recently introduced its new company website and social media channels. Co-founded by Michael Fagan, Chief Data Scientist, Mesmerise Group, the team at Resonance Labs is focused on using innovation and cutting-edge technology to pioneer trust, security, and transparency in AI.   

At Resonance Labs, we are united in our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology, harnessing AI, statistics, machine learning, and mathematical modeling to solve a wide range of challenges. Our team’s diverse backgrounds and experiences empower us to tackle problems from multiple angles, and we’re always looking forward to the future with optimism, knowing that together, we can achieve extraordinary things. – Michael Fagan, CEO and Co-Founder.

To learn more about the team at Resonance Labs and their commitment to transforming the future, visit Resonance Labs – About Us (