SXSW 2023 Panel Picker: Vote for The Mesmerise Group

The landscape of technology is swiftly morphing into an era defined by spatial computing and immersive technology. These two concepts promise revolutionary shifts, paving the way for innovations we’ve once only dreamed of. While spatial computing holds immense promise, it also introduces exciting complexities we can navigate together. The Mesmerise Group stands at the forefront of this digital evolution, ensuring that we do so responsibly as we dive into the depths of immersive technology.

Our proposed panel at the XR/Metaverse track of SXSW 2024 aims to unravel the intricacies of spatial computing and extended reality (XR). Titled “Fostering Virtual Worlds: How We Build the Responsible Metaverse,” our discussion will underscore the importance of creating robust frameworks for regulating the immersive technology realm. The focus is twofold: to champion the unmatched promise of spatial computing and to ensure its ethical and inclusive application.

The luminaries leading our panel will be Ally Kaiser from our team and co-founder of IQXR and industry veterans like Grace Hwang, known for her contributions to Mixed Reality at Microsoft; Brittan Heller, a vanguard in the intersection of Law, Technology, and Human Rights; and Derek Robertson from POLITICO, who will masterfully navigate the conversation as the moderator.

But here’s where we need you.

Community voting at the SXSW conference holds substantial weight, accounting for 30% of the final panel selection. We’re reaching out to our invaluable employees, partners, and community. Your vote and voice can be the deciding factor.

Help amplify our message by sharing the voting link on social media platforms. Together, we can champion a thoughtful approach to the metaverse.

Voting Details:

  • Duration: August 8-20, 2023
  • How to Vote: Visit Sign in or set up an account.Once inside, find our proposal, “Fostering Virtual Worlds: How We Build the Responsible Metaverse.”Cast your vote by selecting “arrow up” for a YES or “arrow down” for a NO. Remember, each person gets one vote per proposal.

    Please also consider sharing your vote and the panel idea using the social media icons in the ‘share this idea’ section.

Your engagement can be a catalyst for change. Let’s collectively shape the metaverse for a brighter, inclusive future.

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