For enterprises, customer experience is everything. It ensures that clients really connect with you, your product, and your values; it draws in new customers and helps to retain the existing ones. It’s what spreads the word about new products; gets people talking; and aims to inspire, attract, and engage. But what if there’s a better form of outreach than traditional marketing and communication channels? Instead, you should look to immersive experiences that won’t just impress—they’ll transport your customers to an entirely new reality.

By harnessing the power of virtual reality, you can tap into the future of communication and customer experience. Here we explore just why immersive experiences are so important for businesses.

But first: What is an immersive experience?

Rather than just looking at a poster or hearing someone talk, an immersive experience uses technology to transport the user into a new or altered reality. Within this space, they can see, hear and interact with items and objects that aren’t necessarily in front of them. Immersive technologies like virtual reality can make them believe what they are seeing or experiencing is real, enabling them to empathize, be inspired, and learn on a whole new level.

They make your brand more relatable

When you offer immersive experiences, you’re creating entirely new forms of connection with customers. Instead of just hearing you talk about your product or service, reading about it in an ad, or seeing it on their social media feeds, users can put on a headset and discover it for themselves. In experiencing it first-hand, they’ll find out how it works in a real-life situation, what it does—and all the ways it might transport or inspire them.

They create a real connection with the customer

If you’re looking to sell your product, there are many challenges you might face. An email or phone call is one way to begin the pitch, but an immersive experience—one where you meet the other party in virtual reality—is so much more memorable. As a benefit, neither you nor your potential client has to take time out to travel to a meeting. Instead, it can be conducted in the comfort of your own spaces, both efficient and effective at creating that connection that’s needed for success.

They can overcome potential language barriers

If you sell your product or service around the world, language barriers can soon become a hurdle. If you want your brand to feel inclusive, intuitive, and accessible for all, immersive experiences provide you the visual impact to convey your message. Rather than relying on words alone, invite users to experience your product in action, view how it will work and how it can help them. Many VR apps also allow you to select from various language options, making it easier than ever for international participants to engage.

They can give you the cutting edge

How can you stand out from the pack? By offering the latest in technology, showcasing yourself as an innovator, and impressing potential customers with your offerings. Immersive experiences are at the forefront of technology, and will, in future, impact the way all companies work. By getting in early, you have a better chance of standing out, enticing new customers, and familiarizing yourself with the technology as it continues to develop.