Demystifying AI
Demystifying AI

Our team is demystifying some of the biggest challenges and concerns about AI in the workplace at the Festival of Work. Here are the key takeaways from the Mesmerise Group AI Lab. 

1.   The Future of Recruitment

Andy Headworth, Talent Acquisition Director at HMRC shared valuable insights into how his team is leveraging generative AI tools to streamline the recruitment process—from crafting job specifications to analyzing local trends to enhance hiring in specific locations. A pivotal question raised was whether recruitment will ever be fully automated and the future role of humans in this process. The consensus was clear: while AI will enhance efficiency, human oversight and decision-making remain irreplaceable.

2. Demystifying AI

Throughout the conference, our team is committed to clarifying misconceptions about AI. During a live Q&A, our experts tackled questions such as:

  • Is AI truly less biased? (The short answer is no; it depends on the data inputted.)
  • Will junior/post-grad roles become obsolete with AI’s capabilities? (Absolutely not! AI will enable faster learning and career progression.)
  • How are AI models trained? (Stay tuned for an in-depth exploration in future posts.

3. Ethical AI Deployment 

Ivelize Rocha Bernardo, Ph.D., Head of Data Science, Mesmerise Solutions, discussed the ethical AI framework and the importance of stakeholder involvement, continuous monitoring, high-quality data, user education, and adherence to regulations in deploying AI solutions.

4.    AI in Customer Support

Fadi Bassil, VP of Customer Support at Incorta, highlighted his experience in deploying AI automation within his global support team. He emphasized the need to approach AI technology as any other new tool, with a focus on upskilling staff and thorough risk assessment.

Tomorrow’s AI Lab sessions at the Festival of Work will focus on productivity and creativity with AI, initiating your AI journey, and further demystifying AI. Join us at the AI Lab at the Festival of Work starting at 9:00 AM BST for more insights and discussions designed to empower the AI-enabled workforce.

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